Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Contagious Festival update

The ATS entry in this month's Huffington Post Contagious Festival is, at this moment, the fastest rising entry on the charts. It is still fairly low down in the polls (ranked by unique visits at 21) but it only entered the charts early morning Friday, May 12. To any and all readers and passers-by, stop by, check it out, and, as always, drop off some feedback.

Most entries in this festival are either photo-montages or flash animations. My entry is a bit staid compared to some of these, at least as far as appearance goes. No moving parts, no music. It is just something you have to read. I know, boorrring. Despite this, it seems to be getting some attention.

Note: if you're someone who likes the NSA programs of warrantless wiretapping, phone records data mining and government monitoring of the news media, you probably won't appreciate the entry:

another executive order exposed...


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