Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fibbin' Cheney

Cernig has an ongoing challenge of political fibs. In case you don't know what a fib is, I'll let the IHT fill you in:
The number of syllables in each line must equal the sum of the syllables in the two previous lines. So, start with 0 and 1, add them together to get your next number, which is also 1, 2 comes next, then add 2 and 1 to get 3, and so on. Pincus structured the Fibs to top out at line six, with eight syllables.
I'll leave it to your wikipedia skills to find out the rest.

So, with this little item as a backgrounder, I thought I'd toss in my meager effort:

Then lie.
China pissed.
Cover ass, again
While dreaming of nuking Iran


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