Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Deep in the IED Weeds

After days of hearing White House officials claim that the Iranian government was behind the smuggling of IEDs into Iraq, despite an admitted lack of proof, news comes that an American "security contractor" was arrested in northern Iraq with a car-full of explosives.

Though the story says nothing of the activity likely going on, it is easily imagined that the contractor was illegally selling arms and making a hefty profit doing it. No word on how long this contractor may have been doing this or how many others may be similarly engaged, but you've got to believe that cockroach statistics are probably applicable.

The irony could not be more palpable. While American officials accuse the Iranian government of arming insurgents in Iraq because arms were being smuggled from that country, we are now presented with the grim fact that Americans under contract to the American government have been engaged in black market distribution of explosives within Iraq. Do we now hold Rumsfeld responsible for arming the insurgency?

Though Bush supporters will pay no attention to the entrepreneurial endeavours of red-blooded American contractors, it should be pointed out to them that the black market sale of bomb-making ingredients in a country where those bombs could well be turned on US troops is what could and should be called treason.

[via Newshog]


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