Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ain't It a Shame?

Look at that big grin.

Tell me, why is this man smiling? Because while Congress chose to slide the odious Patriot Act through with nary a wimper and backed down on stopping the NSA surveillance program, backed down on conducting any kind of meanginful oversight of the NSA spying program, or to even investigate what has actually gone on, even going so far as to twist things around and declare the program now legal, the brave men and women of Congress were steadfast in their refusal to allow DPW the ports deal.

Hence, a big ol' grin from Bush, as he signs away several liberties that this country had come to take for granted. Those in favour of the draconian measures contained within this bill likely have no idea what many, or any of them actually are. But that is of no concern to them. They like it because Bush wanted it. To such people, no reason is reason enough to resist it. It is what Bush wants, ergo it must be good for us; good for America.

He wanted his own national secret service police force. He got it. He wanted to able to arrest anyone who might choose to harass him at public events and lock them away for five years. He got it. He wanted the FBI to be able to conduct secret searches of houses, library records, medical records. He got it. He wanted to continue his NSA spy program. He got it.

Just what didn't Bush get? The DPW ports deal. Those toughs in Congress really know what counts and what doesn't. What a shame. Now the deal could very well go to Halliburton. And won't that be just too bad?

Why is Bush smiling? Because for a president with a 34% approval rating, he still gets whatever the hell he wants. If that big grin doesn't convince you that the Dubai ports deal was smoke and mirrors, tell me, just what would?


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