Monday, March 06, 2006

Cross Talk

I still haven't quite figured out how this site meter thing shows referrals as coming from blogs that have no referral link at all. And frankly, some of these so-called referrals are from blogs that I cannot imagine would find my rantings the slightest bit interesting. In fact, some of these folks might be inclined to think me treasonous. I can't imagine how they get here.

Anyway, on occasion I click back to these sites just see what's what; the natural drive of curiosity, as it were. I hit upon once such site as describe above and, after reading the profile, I imagine you'll agree that whoever this person is, they just wouldn't be natural allies:
i love Jesus. i LOVE Him. i have a beautiful taylor guitar that i don't play well. sometimes my friend sarah plays it. she plays well. i love to write. i am writing my first book. i love to read. i am giving up my coffee addiction. i am very funny. but more in person than in writing, although i can do that too. i have friends who love me and a Savior who loves me more. i do not cook. i am a hopeless romantic. hopeful romantic i mean. i wish i could sing or dance.
Writing a book. Looks like that'll be a nail-biter.

There is really nothing in that profile that would not recommend her as a true ally against the Bush administration. You'd have to read more of the posts to see that, in fact, she's crazy in love with, not only Jesus, but George Bush as well. How these two loves find co-existence in one mind is something I have never been able to reconcile. I suspect they manage such a trick on only the most superficial of levels.

My concerns for the world, I like to believe, lead me toward criticising those who really do deserve it because, by one dastardly manner or another, they abuse their fellow human beings or the planet, oftentimes both. And usually, they are doing these fouls deeds for one and only one reason: a low and grubby love of money.

I usually don't stoop to making fun of god-loving folk, but when someone claims be in love with Jesus and also appears to love George Bush, I figure that derision is a suitable course on occasion. I mean, really, how many times can we all ride George Bush's ass, which appears to have no effect upon the man, whatsoever? The ones who really need to be awakened are those who voted for and continue to support him. At this point in Bush's tenure, awakening seems an all but impossible development.


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