Friday, August 03, 2007

Around the world

One of the untoward effects often cited in global warming models, and usually ignored by public discussion, is increased short-term weather instabilities, heat waves, more flooding and more drought. We certainly see a lot of that lately. So, here is your pre-weekend climate disaster round-up.

Extant droughts:

1) Philippines
2) Turkey
3) Continental United States, including the Northwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, extreme in Southwest, exceptional in Southeast.
4) Hawaii
5) Australia, worst in over a century
6) China
7) Vietnam
8) Southern Africa
9) Greece
10) Eastern Europe, esp. Bulgaria
11) Ukraine
11) India
12) Southern Canada

Recent flooding. Reuters reports, "Around the world, more than 137 million people are currently experiencing the effects of flooding."

1) Southeast Asia, worst in a decade
2) UK
3) China
4) Sudan
5) Colombia
6) Sierra Leone
7) Pakistan
8) India
9) Bangladesh
10) Nepal
11) Burma
12) South Africa
13) United States, various locales including Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Colorado

Meanwhile, the Russians are planting flags on the floor of the Arctic Ocean in an effort stake claim to oil and gas reserves that the dwindling polar ice cap is exposing to ill-considered future development. A lessening impediment to exploration and drilling is stirring a fight over petroleum resources in that remote part of the world. That's right, the ice cap is melting and the world's powers are fighting over who gets the oil at the North Pole. It has all the look of Mother Nature handing us a red hot poker and telling us to shove it up our collective ass. We appear more than happy to oblige.


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