Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OIA: the new TIA

As in "Other Intelligence Activities."

As pointed out earlier, Gonzales' testimony revealed the existence of "other intelligences activities." Blurting this out was probably ill-advised. But ass-covering does carry certain risks, and so steeped in his own heap of lies, "don't know"s, and evasions and prevarications, Gonzales may not have realized that Congress was not suppose to know about these activities, activities that were either supposedly stopped or never heard of. It didn't save his ass, anyway. He still lied, because no member of Congress knew anything about these other activities and were only briefed on the TSP.

But what of these other activities? This is probably TIA, a DoD umbrella operation first headed up by Iran-Contra criminal John Poindexter and to which Congress said, "No." But just as the Iran-Contra cabal ignored Congress when it said no then, with the same patriots running around the Pentagon today, we can be quite sure that these activities are still ongoing. After all, Alberto Gonzales just said so.

at-Largely has the run down.

[h/t to American Samizdat]


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