Sunday, July 29, 2007

Victory for Iraq

I doubt this is what Bush has in mind when he talks about victory in Iraq, but a small, happy moment for Iraqis, nonetheless and, oddly enough, coming at the expense of Saudi Arabia. Nice work, lads.
Iraq crowned Asian Cup kings

A 71st-minute header from Younes Mahmoud earned Iraq an historic 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia and their first-ever AFC Asian Cup title.

The 24-year-old striker converted Hawar Mulla Mohammed's corner to give the war-torn nation the trophy and end Saudi Arabia's hopes of a record-breaking fourth continental title.

The win is the pinnacle of a fairytale run to the title by the Iraqis, who were forced to prepare for the tournament outside their homeland as a result of the continuing security situation.
I'm sure there is a "How Soccer Explains the World" metaphor in this somewhere, though we might not realize it for many years.


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