Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five state strategery

[Update below]

While not exactly news, more damning emails confirming GOP and White House election rigging plans for voter suppression in Ohio and elsewhere in 2004:
Previously undisclosed documents detail how Republican operatives, with the knowledge of several White House officials, engaged in an illegal, racially-motivated effort to suppress tens of thousands of votes during the 2004 presidential campaign in a state where George W. Bush was trailing his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry.

The documents also contain details describing how Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign officials, and at least one individual who worked for White House political adviser Karl Rove, planned to stop minorities residing in Cuyahoga County from voting on election day.

Another set of documents, 43 pages of emails, ... contains blueprints for a massive effort undertaken by RNC operatives in 2004, to challenge the eligibility of voters expected to support Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in states such as Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Pennsylvania.

One email, dated September 30, 2004, and sent to a dozen or so staffers on the Bush-Cheney campaign and the RNC, under the subject line "voter fraud strategy conference call," describes how campaign staffers planned to challenge the veracity of votes in a handful of battleground states in the event of a Democratic victory.
I'm sure Alberto Gonzales, who once said that caging is "a reprehensible voter suppression tactic, and it may also violate federal law," will be shocked, shocked! to learn that his GOP brethren have been engaged in racist and illegal voter suppression.

Update: Check out Hotpotatomash for a detailed and much more complete round-up on this subject and the various scuzzballs cited in these emails.


Blogger Mentarch said...

They cheat, they lie, they disassemble - that's what incompetents *do*.

Hopefully, the lesson will have been learned *hard* and never again will Americans put neocons in power.

That is my humble hope ...

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