Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A brief and shining message

Sometimes, when I see Dennis Kucinich, I wonder how on earth it is that this guy is still in Congress. I thought the system had fairly well worked out how to eliminate such pesky and irksome creatures. Apparently not. Of course, the next buffer against the truths that Kucinich is more than capable of delivering is the media, which, when not ignoring him, occasionally harps on the fact that he is an "unknown." But when he is given a moment to actually say something -- usually something the establishment just doesn't want to hear -- he is very good. I cannot think of another member of Congress, and certainly not any of the presidential candidates, who has ever mentioned the word, "neocon." But Kucinich did.

And so it is with this clip.

Sadly, Kucinich's number probably won't improve much beyond 1%, which is the system keeping him at bay. But he is the best damn person in Congress and certainly the only one who is willing to cast off the shroud of our imperial prerogative. This video should convince anyone of this, despite the efforts of CNN to denigrate his position because he is a 1 percenter. He is as sick of this war and the behaviour of Congress as much as anyone.

Given this, I found the little blurb in the NY Times about who is contributing what to various candidates, "Gifts from the Rich and Famous," somewhat interesting, mostly for who was listed who gave money to Kucinich.

You may despise Hustler magazine, but I've always had a grudging respect for Larry Flynt and his fights against priggish American sanctimony, especially his campaigns against pious Republicans of whom David Vitter, whose proclivities now number five different hookers, is only the latest downed target. Flynt gave money to Kucinich, as did ... Casey Kasem.

[h/t hotpotatomash for the vid]


Anonymous HPM said...

interesting list in many respects. first, i find it odd that some of the list don't max out their contribution. come on oliver stone, what gives?

i also find all the hillary support from the hollywood crowd interesting since her stance on iraq seems the furthest away from the general consensus of the entertainment world among all dem candidates. i guess they just want for the clinton days of outright humanity, at least, compared to the current white house occupant.

2:04 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...

Don't ever forget that Hollywood is as much a part of the establishment as any other, despite its collection of weird individuals. And it is one that is especially invested in image cultivation. If they all were really that radical, they'd all be dumping money on Kucinich. Most of them probably don't even know who he is.

3:34 PM  

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