Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Revolution will not be televised

With Hugo Chavez refusing to renew the license of RCTV, Venezuela has been much in the news lately. Most of this has taken place, of course, within the mainstream media framework that Chavez is the very incarnation of the evils of socialism and an opponent of "free speech." Quietly unmentioned in any of these discussions is the fact that, in backing a coup against an elected government, had such been the behaviour of any media outlet in this country, it would have certainly led not only to the loss of a broadcast license for any complicit media outlet but, in our modern American age, would likely have seen the owners of such an outlet shipped off to Gitmo, post haste.

As background to the 2002 coup attempt and RCTV's complicity in yet more American-backed anti-democratic meddling, via Left I on the News and Upside Down World comes news that The Revolution will not be Televised is now available for viewing in its entirety online. Check it out.


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