Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kristol bawl

I really have no idea what is going on.

I've long since given up seeking out the profligate wisdoms of Bill Kristol and the rest of his hidebound ilk. Which is why I turn to Kel over at The Osterley Times once in awhile, a diligent soul who manages never to tire of tanning the hides of idiots like Kristol.

Well, it seems that Bill Kristol is harrumphing about how cold and cowardly Bush is behaving for not immediately pardoning Lewis Libby after his conviction and sentencing to 30 months in prison for felony perjury, obstruction of justice and lying to a Grand Jury. Woe is Bill. He and, he asserts, "millions of Americans" feel terrible for Libby. This demonstrates that ol' Bill really has his finger on the pulse of America.

But what Kristol's opprobrium of Bush really demonstrates is that he is as clueless as his years of war cheerleading would have us already believe. Expect that any forthcoming pardon of Libby will occur if it is deemed politically expedient. And these days, that means distracting the media from an uncomfortable situation. A Libby pardon would be a huge media distraction, not to mention a moral outrage, and will only be employed in the most dire of circumstances. And as the dusk of Bush's term approaches and Iraq continues its downward spiral, those circumstances may yet arise.


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