Thursday, May 24, 2007

Names will always hurt them

After years of calling the Democrats terrorist lovers, GOP leaders explain that the Democrats are so brow beaten and scared, they won't do anything if they think Republicans will call them names. "We've got them by the balls," said Mitch McConnell, speaking to reporters with John Warner.

Shortly after the Democrats bowed to the will of the White House and withdrew any requirement of a timetable for troop withdrawal, we learn that fully 72% of the country disapproves of George Bush's handling of Iraq. We also learned just what the overriding concern of Democratic "strategists" was in backing down from White House bellicosity. The concern was, in fact, White House bellicosity:
Democrats said they did not relish the prospect of leaving Washington for a Memorial Day break — the second recess since the financing fight began — and leaving themselves vulnerable to White House attacks that they were again on vacation while the troops were wanting. That criticism seemed more politically threatening to them than the anger Democrats knew they would draw from the left by bowing to Mr. Bush.
There it is, by their own admission. The Democratic leadership, if such a term can be used for that band of cowed and dithering simps, is more afraid of being subjected to the full wrath of "White House attacks" -- a White House with 28% approval in the country -- than anger over the war and the accompanying desire to bring it to an end. Apparently, "the left" in the country now comprises 72% of the population.

Not that they had much to begin with, but the Democratic party are now utterly without moral or political purpose. Having been given a mandate by voters in November to bring this ghastly, hated war to end and withdraw troops in a practicable fashion, the Democrats would rather avoid being called names. This is not a way to stand in opposition to a failed and bloodyminded policy and if the Democrats think that voters will trust them to do "the people's work," as congressional hacks love to call their self-serving machinations on Capitol Hill, they may be in for a bit of a shock.

Then again, there really is no alternative. If you're pissed off with the Democrats for failing to stand up, the Republicans are hardly an option. GOP candidates would rather just invoke more talk of terror to convince the country that war is the right way to go, no matter how badly that way actually is.

And voters? If ever an episode demonstrated a simple, raw truth about the American political system, this is it: You have no choice.


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