Wednesday, March 07, 2007

2000lb mudhut busters

Nine civilians, including four children, were killed in Afghanistan when US planes dropped two 2,000lb bombs on their mud home. Their deaths came after at least eight civilians were killed by US Marines a day earlier.

It has been a disastrous two days for the Americans in Afghanistan. First US Marines trying to get to safety after being ambushed by a suicide bomber sprayed gunfire wildly across one of the busiest roads in the country, killing passers-by.

And now US planes have dropped two bombs on a family home, killing children aged between six months and five years.
Doesn't sound like it has been a grand day for Afghans either.

I was going to go off on the disgraceful conceit highlighted, that the deaths of yet more women and children at the whim of 2000lb bombs is somehow a disaster for Americans. But, I can't.


Blogger Kel said...

It's beyond disgusting. This is how all empires operate. The world is viewed only as to how it affects your interests.

The saddest thing is that most Americans have lost interest now, which is why they want the troops home. It's not because of anything honourable like the sheer amount of people who are being killed in this engagement.

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