Friday, December 22, 2006

Dennis the agitprop menace

Dennis Prager created a bit a stir recently when he said that if Keith Ellison, the newly elected Muslim congressman, took his oath to the Constitution on the Koran, well, that would the same as swearing an oath of office on a copy of Mein Kampf and that such an action would "undermine American civilisation." Histrionic? sure. Hyperbolic? of course. He's a right wing nutjob. It's what they do.

Having had my own exchange with Dennis Prager once, one that demonstrated his amazing ability to skirt issues with personal outrage, non sequitur and pissy sarcasm, it was with a special kind of glee that I read that the Executive Committee of the Holocaust Memorial Council adopted a resolution condemning Prager's recently expressed view about Mr. Ellison. Prager is on the board of directors for the committee, having been appointed by Bush. The committee's resolution said that Prager's views were in "direct opposition" to those of the Council, which apparently doesn't like the presence of reactionary, jingoistic Islamophobes on its board and have asked that he offer his resignation.



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