Sunday, November 12, 2006

Take a number

George Bush's disingenuous maundering about "bipartisanship" and looking forward to working "together" was immediately belied by his agenda for the outgoing Republican-led Congress: confirm Bolton, pass the warrantless wiretap law. Well, Democrats and ousted Republican Lincoln Chafee have now said that both of these items will go nowhere. Democratic majority whip Richard Durbin indicated that the NSA warrantless wiretap bill will not be viewed as a pressing issue.
[T]here's no guarantee that we're going spend a lot of time on controversial measures.
In other words: For. Get. It.

Of course, Bush and the NSA have been conducting this operation for years and there is certainly no guarantee that it will stop just because Congress won't okay the program. But the Dems are taking the right stand and things are starting out well. Stay tuned.


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