Saturday, November 04, 2006

Republicanism in the real America

Of the scads of Republican scandals popping up all over the place, from the drug-fueled gay sexcapades of evangelical leader Ted Haggard, to the sleazy potentiality of cover-up in Nevada's Gibbons/Mazzeo assault investigation, to a lingering Foleygate -- ironically made so by the Haggard revelations -- to Tim Murphy's (R-Pa) evidence grabbing and congressional staffer abuse, to Don Sherwood's salacious dalliance with erotic asphyxiation (or so he thought), perhaps the one that best typifies all that is wrong not only with the Republican party, but with those American voters who support them, is the George Allen campaign. I say "campaign," exactly because the entire Allen campaign has been one long string of exposed ties to white supremacists, mindless racist gaffes, dumb remarks, desperate accusations, all of which have now been wrapped up with the big, pretty bow of assault and battery.

In George Allen and his campaign, we apprehend a representation of the the larger ills of the GOP. We see in Allen a faux-cowboy, good ol' boy routine adopted by a transplanted, privileged, racist idiot son of a celebrity father, one who has co-opted the Confederate flag and hangs nooses in his office while presenting himself to the American public as a representative of "the real America."

That fact that Allen is in the Senate is bad enough, but after all that has come out about the racist thug that is George Allen, the truly depressing aspect of all this is that the tobacco-spittin' jerk-off is not just in contention for his own senate seat, but that he will, in all likelihood, win the seat, despite this recent criminal behaviour of his campaign staffers. Hey, macacas, welcome to "the real America."


Anonymous robb said...

Bullies when in a group but probably cowards when they are all alone. Then again, isn't that the platform of the party?

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Admittedly, Allen is a loathsome turdblossom. However... Tim Murphy's "relatively mild" abuses are still profoundly offensive to me. He hired pros to dig up dirt on REGULAR EVERYDAY CITIZENS - people who wrote letters to the editor about him. This is so he can slam these citizens for missing a mortgage payment; great payback for participating in our democracy by questioning your elected officials.

This is a scan I made of one ofthe leaked docs from his office.
The first 2 pages are the "letters to the editor" and the last (3rd) page is the dirt that Murphy's federal staff dug up on these citizens with our tax dollars. I am sooooo pissed off about this one.

Someone in Monroeville or Bethel Park needs to print 1000 copies of this doc and give it to their neighbors.


9:36 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

Granted. I realize I probably overly downplayed Murphy's abuses; they are an egregious affront and Murphy deserves to be heaved out of office for this behaviour.

12:53 PM  
Blogger theBhc said...

Wow. I just read those notes about the letter writers. Amazingly bad judgment digging around about these people. What was this supposed to produce?

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

12:57 PM  

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