Thursday, November 02, 2006

HBO to nail Diebold

On Thursday, November 2, 2006, HBO will be airing a documentary called Hacking Democracy. A target of the film is Diebold Inc. and their flakey voting machines. This wasn't received well by the folks at Diebold headquarters who have demanded that HBO cancel the airing of the documentary, claiming that the film is "inaccurate and unfair."

It's deja vu all over again after the Disney/ABC farce Path to 9/11, a film that actually was inaccurate and unfair. ABC didn't back down and neither, it seems, will HBO. Jeff Cusson, a spokeman for HBO laid it out for Diebold execs:
We have no intention of withdrawing it from our schedule. It appears that the film Diebold is responding to is not the film HBO is airing.
Suck it up, Diebold. And thanks to HBO for doing what the worthless Democrats have failed to do for four years: bring these problems to the attention of the American public.

I also never fail to enjoy the sight of corporations chewing on each other. That's always some big fun. Check out the trailer, from blog buddy hotpotatomash.


Anonymous J i O said...

Er...November 5 is a Sunday...not Thursday as blogged.

J i O

8:49 AM  
Anonymous robb said...

Awesome promo; love the end!

9:00 AM  
Blogger theBhc said...

j i o, oh sorry. fixing...

Yeah, I like the quick snippet of the woman balling and saying somnething like "...what is happening...?" Like a scene from Poltergeist.

12:07 PM  
Blogger The Misanthrope said...

Unfortunately, I never would have heard about it had I not checked your blog. Why not a full-page newspaper ad similar to what is used to announce the start of one of their shows?

2:25 PM  
Anonymous hotpotatomash said...

how freaking great was the hbo doc? just pisses me off that they waited til the last minute. meanwhile, if the misanthrope thought the before marketing was lacking, god knows what mis is thinking about the after response. Yep, that's everything I've heard about since. Pathetic.

9:12 PM  

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