Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cole Mining Chris Hitchens

Actually, Juan Cole's recent opprobrium of Chris Hitchens' latest "gin-soaked" hackery at Slate is more of a complete excavation, a mountain-top strip operation, if you will, than just a run-of-mill vein-gutting of Hitchens. And while Cole lays waste to the sad shell that once housed a respected journalist, he more passionately challenges the march to war with Iran.

It has been making the rounds, mostly, I suspect, because of the no-uncertain-terms diatribe he lays down against the Bush administration's push for the "military option" against the primped and preened maniac-image of Iran the White House and their various agents and proxies have been attempting to cultivate for the last few months.

I've never seen Dr. Cole use the words "little shit" before, but if you're curious as to how that phrase made it into the man's article, I sugggest you click on over. It is well worth the visit.


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