Friday, May 05, 2006

Lost or in Denial?

You know what is really funny about the right wing blogs at the moment? Their complete puzzlement about why Porter Goss just got popped. Is it possible that they are this clueless, as a baffled Malkin professes:
"Resigns?" Or something else? Part of the WH shake-up? Or something else? And what's up with the Friday afternoon announcement?
Now, I would be more inclined to believe that they just refuse to acknowledge that the FBI investigation of the Cunningham scandal and the CIA Inspector General's investigations of Kyle Foggo's involvement with Wilkes, Nine Fingers, Cunningham and the rest of the twenty-four hour, DHS-contractor party people, might be leading to the DCIA.

Indeed, the work appears to already be underway, as Time jumps into the void for some damage control. Time imputes to Goss's "sudden and unexpected resignation," the deeper issues of a CIA/Negroponte conflict; a classic power struggle. Is this really something that just pops out of nowhere?
Ever since John Negroponte was appointed Director of National Intelligence a year ago and given the task of coordinating the nation's myriad spy agencies, he has been diluting the power and prestige of the CIA. From day one, he supplanted the CIA Director as the President's principal intelligence adviser, in charge of George W. Bush's daily briefing.
Are we to believe from this that Goss quit because he didn't get to ring in George Bush's day by bringing him the PDB? What doesn't make sense in the Goss/Negroponte struggle theory is that, as an agent for the Bush administration, Goss should have been behind Negroponte's throttling of the CIA. After all, Negroponte isn't exactly running off doing this of his own accord. Goss was appointed to reign in the agency and flush out the ne'er-do-wells, something that Time indicates was also being done by Negroponte. This should not be a source of conflict for Goss at all.

But right wingers are quickly getting the "conflict" message disseminated amongst the brethren before the ugly allegations and unseemly connections begin their inevitable march into the mainstream. By then, of course, they will be able to claim, hah! you hapeless liberal fools, can't you see the FBI is just trying to damage this administration? Those .... those damn careers agents are as partisan as it gets, they will surely say. I can imagine it all now....


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