Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fox in the White House

Well, it's official, Tony Snow is now the White House press secretary. Many had been discounting original speculation of initial White House considerations and believed that the WH would never, ever actually consider a Fox News wonk as WH press secretary. Surely, they opined, that would be just too much, even for this White House. Such opinionating was, apparently, premised on the long discredited notion that the White House cares about how it behaves and what that behaviour looks like to the public at large. Maybe now, the reality this White House really doesn't care what anyone thinks will sink in.
Tony Snow, White House press secretary designate, seen here on his new set in the White House and being greeted by an unknown member of the White House staff. Speculation indicates that, in an effort to remain near the president amid rumours of a possible ouster, the cheerleader/mascot may actually be Harriet Miers.


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