Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Definition of Insanity

President Bush issued a new national security strategy today reaffirming his doctrine of preemptive war against terrorists and hostile states with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons....
Of course, we don't yet know if this is an effective strategy because we have yet to preemptively attack a country that actually posed a threat and had chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. To date, this is all just theoretical, much as the rest of the neo-con wet dream of flowery liberators and democracy dominoes. And that hasn't worked out too well now, has it?

The rest of the world is probably of the belief that time is running on the Bush doctrine, that he won't actually get a chance to try it out again and see whether, this time, things will go the way Wolfowitz, Rummy, Perle-drops and Biggus Dickus had dreamed of in those PNAC fantasy plans that even Fukuyama has now realized is an unmitigated disaster.

Of course, they are rattling sabres at Iran, but I can't believe the world will sit back and tolerate any military nonsense the Bush administration might be imagining there. But if Bush really wants to solidify his place in world history as the visionary he believes himself to be, I expect he might also believe that lobbing a couple of tactical nukes into Iran will really cement his reputation as a foreign policy shaman.

[Update:Progressive Prof has an excellent review of the so-called National Security Strategy (NSS), comparing statements, which appear woven out of whole cloth, with facts that have been known and stated by the administration itself.]


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