Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Useful Idiot

We all know that George Bush is not aware of a lot of things. But the approval of the American ports contract by his own administration might not have been expected to be one of them. Wrongo.

George Bush was apparently unaware that his own administration had approved the ports operations contract to Dubai Ports World, the UAE state-own company that has ties to two administration officials. Despite a profound ignorance of the deal and of why critics might have a problem with the deal, Bush is now threatening to veto any congressional legislation that would aim to block the contract. White House intransigence has got a lot of Republicans steamed and Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Peter King (R-NY), has pledged to override the threatened veto.

Many are starting to speculate about whether there is something more to this, like UAW has something on Bush, whatever that might be. I think I'll stick by my original theory.


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