Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Big Whup

Sometimes, when I get bored reading the wretched news and noting the facile, Fox-lips coverage of world events, I am tempted by some latent urge to wander over and check out what the right-wing blogren are hissing and fretting about. While I may be disturbed that the White House is co-opting the media, the IAEA and the UN Security Council in an effort to justify another war in the Middle East, what, I wonder, do Bush supporters find themselves discussing?

Well, would you know it? They, too, are discussing the DPW port contract. But not in the way you might expect.

While LGF is the generally regarded as the vanguard of the Arab witch hunt, they are oftentimes more than a tad unhinged to wade through:

This is in the No shit, Sherlock realm. Maybe we should just nuke New York and save the Islamonazis the trouble.

Then nuke Mecca.

At least some good would come out of it.

You get the idea. Tiring, to say the least. But LGFers like "Iron Fist" aren't necessarily pro-Bush; they just like kickin' Arab and, apparently, New Yorker ass.

But another venue that will often serve up a delicious blend of brazen racism, macho jingoistic bullshit and facile, self-contradictory yowling can be found at Blogs for Bush. Usually, it doesn't take long to stumble upon something amusing and Mark Noonan's opinion about the port contract is typical among Bush supporters, who, by some counter-intuitive, logical legerdemain, have managed to screw themselves to the sticking post and declare that the port deal is fine. No problem:
People are complaining - and politicians eagerly grandstanding - about the turning over of our ports to a foreign based company. What strikes me here is that London, England, hasn't traditionally been considered part of the United States, and the venerable P&O has not been noted as an American company. Seems to be that one set of foreigners is being bought out by another set. I really don't get what the bruhaha is all about...save that I guess there's some anti-Arab bigotry being played up on the sly.
Note the sly anti-discriminatory stance. And according to Noonan's logic, the US might have just as readily invaded England as Iraq. Really, what's the diff?

But what is really fascinating about this putative concern about bigotry is, well, most of the rest of the site. In a post just two days earlier, Noonan is outraged by "news" that's three weeks old, of a Turkish movie coming out called Valley of the Wolves Iraq. Apparently, the film, which depicts US forces shooting up a wedding party, something that is well-known to have happened, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, is simply slander, slander! In fact, Noonan has all sorts of global policy suggestions regarding Turkey and the movie:
we should terminate our alliance, demand Turkey's explusion from NATO or walk out of it ourselves, and we should break off diplomatic relations and cease all trade with Turkey.
Wow. That's one potent movie.

Diplomatic overreaction? Clearly. And thankfully, Noonan isn't installed at the UN, although he might be taking pointers from Bolton in an effort to get in on that sweet gig.

But things soon take the expected turn as we plunge into the comments. Now, remember those previous words and the implication that the opposition, i.e. Democrats, are playing up some anti-Arab bigotry, which Noonan clearly thinks is bad. Ready?

I'll start out slowly...
- The Muslim world simply hates the west
- Arabs can quit their damn whining
- This movie in Turkey is BS propoganda to churn an already seething people! Oh by the way, they were seething long before Bush or republicans took office!
- it isn't unfair to portray some Moslems who are acting as terrorists - it is a fairly common thing.
- Turkey's population is mostly Muslim. Islam is extremely anti-Jewish Islam is also extremely anti-Christian and anti-infidel (which covers the USA). So, this movie-and its popularity-was not a surprise, just a natural extension and demonstration of the anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-infidel sentiments which are pervasive in Islam and in Islamic societies. Someday, the West will realize this simple fact.

Yesterday, in an Islamic rally in Pakistan, these Muslim women held up a sign that read, "God Bless Hitler."
Yesterday. In Pakistan. Hitler. Hey, chump, we've got that here!

Naturally enough, at one point a poster delves into the history of the slave trade and Muslim participation in that historical travesty. Just how this related to the movie is not entirely clear, but that's the point: it doesn't need to be. It is simply a screed against Arabs, muslims, whoever. To Bush bloggers, they're all the freaking same.

Now, say what you will, but it is those damnable Democrats who would use their bigotry to stop Bush's clear-headed vision for America and halt the award of a port operations contract to an Arab state-owned company. And we are not bigots here. Not at Blogs for Bush. We luvs us some A-rabs.


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