Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nerve Gas

The Senate just finished questioning Gonzales about the NSA surveillance program. He told them nothing, really. Defenders of the program, the White House and the vast panoply of right wing media and blog mavens, have stressed that this program is crucial, crucial to defending the country and it should not be questioned. To do so is treasonous, they say.

And what to my wandering eye should appear
than an evacuation and a timely "nerve agent scare."

The Senate building, right where so many senators were questioning the actions and activities of the executive, has just been evacuated. Wow. That ought to show America just how right Bush is and how anyone questioning what he is doing is so, so wrong.

Naturally, the "second test" of the building revealed nothing. Funny how that happens. Must have been a big wind or something.

As far as blatant scare tactics go, this one is way, way up there, though I'd call this nerve agent hilarity, myself. But I'm cynical that way.


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