Saturday, January 28, 2006

Harpy's Bazaar

Whenever I'm looking for some amusement, LGF is usually a place to go to see what the wayward radicals are fretting about. I actually went over there to see how they were responding to the reports of violent demonstrations in Palestine by Fatah supporters. Oddly, no posts had appeared but an open thread showed a few mentions.

Which is a bit odd. This normally would be something they'd all be howling about, demonstrating how crazed the Palestinians are. Of course, a few seemed happy and were actually hoping for more internal violence, perhaps in their fluttery-hearted hope that the Palestinians would self-exterminate:
How about we hook these brothers up with some C4 and encourage them to finish what they've started?
Oh well, not much there. A bit disappointing, really.

However, not to be discouraged, I did manage to find some amusement in the far off outposts of the tightie-whitie land. This is from just before the PC War on Christmas had begun and so there was a bit of a lull in PC-rage-o-meter. Here's one chap demanding that the children be left to play with the war toys that god-fearing Republicans would dole out rather than the ones lefties would foist upon them:
Today that innocence of youth wants to be stolen by PC groups who want nothing more than to turn our young boys into 'pink' wearing pansies.
Truly, this is the liberal agenda.


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