Thursday, January 05, 2006

Padilla Gets the Shift

Well, it looks like the plan is playing out:
The US Supreme Court ordered US citizen and alleged terrorist Jose Padilla to be transferred from a military brig in South Carolina to a civilian jail in Miami to stand trial there.
And right in keeping with the plan, the Bush administration "concedes" (I love that) that the Supremes can still review the case. That's big of them.

The next few weeks is going to be fascinating. I am not sure how bald-faced the DoJ is going to be but look for pause until Alito gets on the bench and Padilla to winds up in front of the Supremes, after a lower court "dismisses" the criminal charges.

My confidence level in my previous prediction is around 50% at this point and the supposed plan is predicated on Alito being confirmed. I don't doubt that that will happen, but one never knows....


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