Friday, January 27, 2006

Living the Dream

It looked like some momentum had been building for the filibuster when Clinton flip-flopped and now is saying that she will support the move. Maybe she's not as worthless as I thought. Whoa! what am I saying?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, however, is quite another matter and is basically saying, forget it:
Everyone knows there is not enough votes to support a filibuster.
Everyone knows this? If a few more Democratic flip-floppers do their thing, then no, everyone does not know this.

But how is that for a slumpy, self-fulfilling prophesy? What a pathetic take on the situation. As minority leader, Reid should be leading the push for a filibuster. Instead, he resigns himself to his own inaction, even as others are changing their minds at the same time because they are getting hammered by their own constituents.

But Reid insists that all the Dems can do is
express their opinion as to what a bad choice it was to replace (retiring Justice) Sandra Day O’Connor with Alito
I'm not exactly sensing a fire in the belly, here.

It's wake up time, Harry.


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