Saturday, October 29, 2005

Check Mate

We all should probably check the initial giddiness that many who have needed to see the White House brought to task for, what is now clear to most, the illegal invasion of Iraq and the disinformation campaign that sought to justify that action. Dark Wraith over at the UnCapitalist Journal has a significantly different view of Libby's indictment and I have to say I agree that this is likely just more white wash on the whole story. And while Fitzgerald says that, "it's not over," it probably really is. I don't think anyone should be surprised if nothing else comes of this.

Fitzgerald had garnered a lot of people's hope that something significant would actually come of his investigation. He certainly seemed to be digging and willing to bust anyone to get to the bottom of the Plame affair. Libby's indictment for what I would call the paltry side effects of the actual crime might very well be the only result. Negotiations between Fitzgerald and various White House players gave the appearance that serious criminal indictments for violations of the Espionage Act might have been in the works. That now does not seem to be the case. And Fitzgerlad's investigation, like every other investigation of this White House, will produce no public revelations about the depths of mendacity within the administration that produced the "intelligence" used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

If Libby's indictment is the best that Fitzgerald can up with after two years, it should not be expected that much else will come out of the US attorney's efforts. Like other "investigations" that found fault with low level grunts for Abu Graib, that found fault with anonymous CIA analysts for "faulty intelligence," that ultimately have sought to cast blame anywhere and everywhere except for the place where blame actually resides, Fitzgerald's inquiry has offered up a small sacrifice to appease the moiling masses. Libby is the chum meant to satiate an appetite for justice.

Anyone who thought Rove might go down -- or anyone else in the White House for that matter -- should probably just put away that fanciful notion. Another shameful episode and its attendant white washing in the terrible tenure of this administration is now coming to a close.


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