Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Night of the Science

Popular Science has published their Top 10 worst jobs in science. Among variously inauspicious endevours comprising whale-feces researcher ("Brown stain ahoy!"), gravity research subject ("Your body cavity is upside down, and after the first day you can feel your internal organs start to shift toward your head"), hazmat driver ("the worst was at a factory pig farm."), science class carcass preparer, and elephant vasectomist, falls the ignominious job -- at number 6 -- of being grunt at the Microsoft Security Response Center ("Like wearing a big sign that reads 'Hack Me'").

As amusing as this is, claiming that responding to complaints about bugs in notoriously buggy software hardly strikes me as a "job in science."

Editor of Popular Science weighed in with his thoughts on the appearance of Microsoft on the list:
Whale feces or working at Microsoft? I would probably be the whale feces researcher.
Given this, I find it awfully interesting that all Democratic presidential candidates are using Linux or FreeBSD as their servers' OS, while almost 70% of Republican candidates are running Windows. Which can be expected to be running about as well as their campaigns.


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