Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stop laughing

Mark Crispin Miller serves up a heaping helping of meaning behind the infiltration of Regent University and Patrick Henry College grads throughout various agencies and departments of the Bush administration. He chastises Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart for joking about Regent University as though the penetration of government by radical fundamentalists can and should be laughed off as some sort of aberration, that somehow these Biblical literalists will just go away after the next election or if we just laugh at them hard enough.

"Infiltration" is the wrong word, of course, for that implies some secretive action on the part of these Christianists and that the White House is perhaps unaware that it has been happening. Nothing could be further from actuality, because the White House has been actively seeking to fill executive ranks with these fledgling theocrats. If the US Attorney purge should have demonstrated one thing to this country, and especially to the Democrats, it is that the current version of the GOP is now so severely compromised by the Christian right, the party has no interest in actual democracy and will go to any and all lengths to secure its dominance in government through massive, fraudulent efforts in every election. The GOP has subverted and will continue to subvert government agency to their own political purposes, purposes which have been clearly shown to be antithetical to ideal of liberal democracy. What actual Republicans don't seem to realize is that by co-opting, as the party has, this faction of Christianists intent on Biblical law for America, they have doomed their own existence as a political force. Christianists really won't care whether you are liberal or conservative if you are insufficiently infused with the spirit of the Lord.

As Miller say, stop laughing at the "hayseeds" and wake up. Because they really don't care whether you laugh at them or not. If their ultimate goal comes to fruition through their diligent work and our continued inattention, they know we won't be laughing too much longer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about these people who look to subvert the government of the United States of America. It is treason.

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