Monday, April 30, 2007

Fox News: "I'm not making this up"

This is from a couple of days ago, but it is, nonetheless, instructive.

Think Progress reported that Fox News claimed that a fake Onion-like story from the folks at Associated Content was the real thing. In other words, the phony story about the establishment of an "anti-ham response plan" at a school wherein students had taunted Muslims peers with a ham steak was believed by the clowns at Fox. They reportedly checked in on-line, no doubt consulting the wisdoms of Instaputz and Michelle Malkin. To the folks at “Fox & Friends” that was all that needed checking.

Without a doubt, the item is laden with schadenfreud, as the spoof-suckers went on to proclaim that they couldn 't believe it; that it sounded like it was "almost from The Onion." Howls of protest emanated from the multitude of dumb-asses in front of the camera and on the screen: "I'm not making this up," was the theme of the morning outrage.

No. Someone else did.


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