Sunday, July 23, 2006

Suicide was painless for Blair Cabinet

Shortly after making the claim that Blair's cabinet had "sexed up" intelligence about Iraq WMD, former UN weapons inspector David Kelly mysteriously wound up dead. The official Hutton investigation proclaimed that Kelly had conveniently commited suicide, a claim that almost no one believed. But it did have one effect, even if it was only temporary: it relieved Blair's cabinet of having to deal with a knowledgeble critic at the time. Much more evidence came out later, such as the Downing Street Memos, that merely confirmed what Kelly had been saying until he suddenly and mysteriously couldn't.

Now, Liberal MP Norman Baker is claiming Kelly may have been killed; the facts of Kelly's death simply don't add up to suicide.
What my investigations to date have demonstrated is that there are significant medical doubts from professional medical people about the alleged cause of death.

Indeed there are a number of specialist medical experts who tell me that it is clinically impossible for Dr David Kelly to have died the way that was described.

I am suggesting the explanation for suicide simply doesn't add up.More suspicious still is that Baker claims that files on Kelly's computer appear to have been expunged.
One thing is certain, David Kelly will not have been the only person critical of government behaviour to have wound up suddenly dead. And he won't be the last.


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