Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot hot heat

Olbermann had a blurb on tonight that I found astounding. All but one of the 48 contiguous states saw temperatures in the '90s today. This heat index map is of the current time (10pm EDT), which is why the east coast is "cooler" than the west. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

But wait, global warming naysayers tell us that even if global warming is happening, it's all good. Things getting warming will only help us by keeping down our heating bills. Things will grow, grow, grow! They say this apparently oblivious to the fact that the air conditioning bills will be equally impossible, brownouts inevitable, death likely. And, of course, drought is never considered either in the global warming is actually a good thing argument. Hey, they have said, who doesn't like it warm instead of cold? Well, quite a lot of things, actually. But not cold-blooded, pro-global-warming dolts (usually Republicans), who apparently are relishing the idea of being able to warm themselves on the top-side of a rock or a sidewalk.

And tell that to the 3 year old who died today.


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