Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rush more

The ever-portly and famously pill-popping gas-bag, Rush Limbaugh, made the news again, and again it featured a potential run-in with the law over his prescription habit. This time, however, it was for possession of Viagra that was labelled with someone else's name: his doctor's. Limbaugh's lawyer claims that this was done for "privacy purposes." Evidently, Limbaugh was a tad too embarrassed to be seen with a his own name on a bottle of Viagra, which happily accompanied him on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Limbaugh, private plane, Dominican Republic, Viagra. I haven't seen an equation that easy to balance since grade 3.

Frankly, most people couldn't care less how Rush gets his rocks off. I'm just happy to see law enforcement agencies keeping an eye on him and hassling him at every opportunity. Such lawful attentions couldn't be delivered upon a more deserving fellow, and, unlike Limbaugh, I expect the federalis don't need Viagra to keep up the good work.


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