Monday, December 19, 2005

The Long and Winding Win

Other than as a vehicle for comedy, I can't imagine why anyone seriously bothers to comment on anything Bush says anymore. It's utterly baffling to me. Indeed, most reactions to Bush's speech last night mostly seem to decry the yawner for interrupting:

a) football

b) other programming:
why the fuck did my tivo of “family guy” feature 20 minutes of this bullshit?

damnit bush, this is the last straw

But I had to laugh at a comment I saw over at Ballon Juice. Pretty much sums up the Prez's thoughts on Iraq in his speech last night:
Now THAT was some truly great news from President Bush tonight! Not only are we winning the war in Iraq, we apparently are going to be winning it for a long long time.

Don’t look at this as 10 more years of war, look at it as another ten years of victory.

Good one.


Blogger The Misanthrope said...

I'll be using that line: 10 years of victory. Oh brother, people are so fucking stupid to allow this to go on.

10:22 AM  

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