Saturday, November 26, 2005

Indymedia Pajamas

Pajamas Media, aka Open Sores Media, aka, an almagamation of "news-bloggers," mostly from the right (Glenn Reynolds, various powertools, LGF islamophobic muslim hunter Charles Johnson, etc), has been getting off to a fitful start and taking some hits for, well, just being them. But I have been rather surprised that I haven't seen anyone report on the similarity of PJ media's logo with the logo of the world-wide grassroots media network, the Independent Media Center:

Considering that Instapundit, Powerline and especially the ranters at LGF regard the newtwork of IMCs a band of anti-American, pinko subversives, I cannot begin to imagine why on earth this band of Bushites would brand their new brainchild with an image so closely resembling that of an organisation they propound utter contempt for.

Now, mind you, the IMC image is much better realised -- actually has a nicely stylised aesthetic to it -- while the PJ media logo looks like a middle-schooler with MacDraw slapped it together during recess. Then again, consider how the rest of their "launch" has gone, this is hardly surprising.

It also raises the question of legal action by the IMC. It certainly looks like a contender for copyright infringment. Although knowing IMC lefties, - and I do -- everything is all creative commons; copyright just being another way the Man is keeping us down. This is something I don't necessarily disagree with but when participants of an outfit like Pajamas Media derisively call you communist savages and whackos and then steals your logo, its time to throw down.


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