Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Unseen Plan plays out

Well, that didn't take long. After my earlier prediction that the rubes of the Christian right would be called upon to amp up attacks on the various stalward GOP senators who have had the temerity to oppose the Miers nomination, I wasn't entirely sure how long it would take for a call to action. But the call to arms has been sounded and who would be the one to launch the first salvo? Why, assassination advocate and resident Christian crazy, Pat Robertson, of course.

On the 700 Club, Robertson more or less threatened those senators (is Brownback hearing this?) with immediate dismissal if they did not repent their ungodly ways:
These so-called movement conservatives don’t have much of a following, the ones that I’m aware of. And you just marvel, these are the senators, some of them who voted to confirm the general counsel of the ACLU to the Supreme Court, and she was voted in almost unanimously. And you say, ‘now they’re going to turn against a Christian who is a conservative picked by a conservative President and they’re going to vote against her for confirmation.’ Not on your sweet life, if they want to stay in office.
The Christian right, as manipulated by the GOP, is becoming a fairly deterministic system. And one of the best things about such a system is that its behaviour is entirely predictable given a set of known parameters and their boundary values. The parameters in this system are abortion, gays, and what the White House is saying. This is what should rightly be called "Christian science."

Though it certainly appears that White House forces are at work getting Miers on to the Big Bench and the Dems will be as maladroit and feckless as ever, I have to say, this is amusing to watch.


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