Monday, January 01, 2007

Net Neutrality and the AT&T merger

Buzzflash points out how the recent agreement on net neutrality by AT&T as part of its merger with Bell South demolishes the myth that no one could define net neutrality or even really knew what it meant. Of course, with idiots like Ted Stevens harrumphing about the "series of tubes" and how his staff's "internet" were getting stuck in those tubes because the internet is "not a big truck," chances were rather high that Stevens spoke truthfully about his own cluelessness.
I can’t put it in words. I’m going to have to take a look at it in terms of how you define real neutrality.
This was a ridiculous myth being promoted by AT&T itself. But as a condition of the Bell South merger, At&T managed to define it, and quite well, I might add:
AT&T/BellSouth also commits that it will maintain a neutral network and neutral routing in its wireline broadband Internet access service. This' commitment shall be satisfied by AT&T/BellSouth's agreement not to provide or to sell to Internet content, application, or service providers, including those affiliated with AT&T/BellSouth, any service that privileges, degrades or prioritizes any packet transmitted over AT&T/BellSouth's wireline broadband Internet access service based on its source, ownership or destination.
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I hear that DJ Ted's "A Series of Tubes" was the big hit in the clubs:


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